Available courses

GSES India conducts short-term face-to-face training on “Grid Connected PV Systems: Design and Installation” to provide industry professionals, PV engineers, and individuals wishing to further their career in the solar industry, hands-on training on step-by-step design and installation procedures of rooftop and large PV systems in accordance with international best practices.

For contacting a tutor, please send an email to tutor@gses.in or call +91 41040534, +91 9560550077

This is a GSES  course on Minigrid Network System design and installation with a focus area on mini-grid solar PV systems. This course has 15 major topics and students will learn workplace health and safety aspects, electrical basics, solar energy, fuel generators, energy storage, inverter, charge controller, systems design, installation, maintenance and economics of minigrid systems.  Students will be supported by a dedicated tutor to clear doubts during the course.
The United Nations Multi-Dimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) has been installing and operating multiple solar photovoltaic systems in Mali to reduce dependence on fuel-driven generators, impacting the environment. These systems are maintained by the Field Technology Section (FTS) and Engineering Section (ES) of MINUSMA. Technicians and engineers of FTS and ES attended basic training on installations and maintenance of solar systems conducted by UN staff in UNGSC. Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES) is providing technical advantage training on solar photovoltaic systems to its field technicians and engineers for the purpose of meeting the required knowledge and skill to operate and maintain solar systems satisfactorily.